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Celebrate The 12th!

The number 26 is kind of a special number for my family. There is an amazing set of coincidences that places many of our life-changing events on this date.


Check it:


July 26, 2008- Jillian and I got married

January 26, 2011- We moved to Haiti

November 26, 2014- Jake was born

October 26, 2017- Moved back to America


So in just a few days, on July 26th, it will be my 12th wedding anniversary! To make this another life-changing 26th, I want to offer you this exclusive 26% off any wedding photography collection for one day only!


If you were thinking about booking me for your 2021 wedding, now is the time to act! If you have a date set, fill out the form below and we can set up a time to talk.


26% off of your wedding photography package can mean savings staring at around $750 and going up!

And hey if that weren’t enough, I am going to lower my retainer fee to $260!

So on July 26th only, save 26% off of any wedding package, and reserve me for your wedding day for only $260.

Join me in celebrating the big day with this huge offer!

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