7 Photographs I Want To Take On Your Wedding Day

People often ask how many pictures I take on a wedding day, and truth be told, it may be a few thousand. Despite having the huge task of working through all those images later, I really do enjoy it because I get to relive your wedding over again. And consistently, I always have a few favorites. They may not be the most epic shots, but they are ones full of love and a brightness that is only found in wedding photos. It’s capturing moments like these that keeps me coming back for more... that and the wedding cake, of course! After 7 years of shooting weddings, here are my top 7 photographs I want to capture for you at your upcoming wedding:

Moments With Your Closest People

Surrounding yourself with the ones you love the most on your wedding day is so important, and I will be there from start to finish to capture those moments of you enjoying the whole day with your closest friends and family.

His First Look

The instant your man first locks his eyes with yours is priceless, and quite honestly one of my favorite moments of the whole day. You can count on me to be right there and ready to catch his reaction when he sees you for the first time.

Your Special Details

I love seeing the creative touches brides and grooms give to their weddings. Whether it be the decor, the music, or a pair of TOMS shoes, I want to help you showcase all the ways you made the day your own.

Your Family During The Ceremony

While you and your groom are my first focus during the ceremony, I always enjoy taking a quick minute to snap a few photos of your family watching you marry the person of your dreams.

The Kiss

Your first kiss as husband and wife is one of the most magical moments of the day. The excitement, the embrace, and the crowd’s reaction. It’s the pinnacle of your relationship so far... and that’s so beautiful!

First Married Minutes

I often bring a second shooter to weddings for this very reason: so they can take the photos of your bridal party’s exit from the ceremony and I can follow you to capture your first moments as husband and wife. The joy and excitement you will feel is something you will never want to forget.

Time Alone

Before you join your friends and family for the celebration of a lifetime, I love taking a few minutes to venture off to your location's most beautiful sites. I always make sure to scout out the best photo ops for you prior to the wedding, and love everything from downtown streets and alleyways, to fields full of beautiful wildflowers.

If you would like to download the PDF of this list to share, feel free!  Photos of Danielle and Chris at House Mountain Inn in Lexington, VA (2019).