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Adventure Time

"Adventure time! Come grab your friends. We're going to very distant lands. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. The fun will never end! It's adventure time!"

This is the opening song to my favorite TV show right now. My son Jake and I watch it ALL the time. He loves the theme music and sits up to clap along and sing with the tune.

I try to fill my life with as many adventures as possible. Often I am not on the go as much as I would like, but this past week I was able to take my family on a fun adventure to Amiga Island (Ile a Rat), Haiti. It is a small island about two miles out from the mainland of northern Haiti. It was Jake's first time and I think he had a blast.

In the shot below I have my wife holding Jake and he is really focusing on the water. He was a little upset that we were not hanging him over the side to play in the water as it splashed up. haha.

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