5 Ways To MAXIMIZE Wedding Planning During COVID-19

Updated: Apr 16

It is a total understatement to suggest that life is only a little bit different in the days of the Coronavirus Pandemic! We are living lives of social isolation, job loss or wage reductions, and, for a growing number of us, grief for the loss of loved ones that we can not properly mourn. Despite these hardships, fears, and pains, some of us were in the middle of planning the happiest day of our lives! Maybe it almost feels wrong to continue planning your day with all the uncertainty in our future.

I would argue that those of you who are planning a wedding should not slow down. Not only are there countless local small businesses and wedding vendors relying on providing you quality services in the near future, but planning something for the future can put your mind at ease. It is exciting to think about the joy-filled day that is to come, and that can honestly be therapeutic.

From my perspective, this time of quarantine can be a SERIOUSLY good time to wedding plan! So for today, I have come up with 5 ways to MAXIMIZE your wedding planning during COVID-19.

1. Postpone, not cancel your wedding! - It has been interesting seeing how couples have been changing their plans. Some have been sending out "Change The Date" cards, some are sending invitations out in waves (so they can see how the social distancing plays out), and some are scrapping all plans, eloping, and planning a second celebratory event for later in the year. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to be in full communication with your wedding vendors. Don't leave them in the dark with your plans.

2. Use this time to research your prefered style/vendors. - There are so many wedding vendors out there! Search out the ones in your area that you like and just start from there. Check out their social media accounts. If you like what you see, then give them a follow. Make a list of what you like and dislike. Notice if they engage with you. If they provide you with valuable content to help you with your planning. Learn about them personally and their families. Do they seem to hold the same values as you.

You may ask why in the world would we want to stalk your future wedding vendors like this. Honestly though, the more you know about them, the more meaningful the experience is going to be with them. I love being able to make a connection with my couples through this process of communication, planning, engagement sessions, etc..

3. Schedule virtual vendor meetings. - When you are planning your wedding, you have to gather together some of you favorite vendors to make your day go smoothly. Caterers, photographers, videographers, DJs, florists, venue, dress shops, and the list goes on... Even though you shouldn't be meeting up with all of these people in person, schedule times to meet these vendors virtually. Contact them directly and ask if you can plan a time with them. 99% of the time they are going to be happy to talk with you.

4. Pinterest can be your best friend... - or your worst enemy. Ha! Create some boards to get your thoughts into visuals. Feel free to share those with your vendors to see how best you can share your vision for your wedding day. Back when my wife was planning our wedding 2008, Pinterest hadn't been created yet (2010). She will freely admit that she is happy about that. For her, she feels as though it would have added to her stress with all of the options. All she had was a mountain of wedding magazines to cut from. Despite her feelings on the matter... Pinterest can be an amazing resource for your planning.

5. Live Streaming the Ceremony - With social distancing in mind, one option many people are considering is live-streaming their ceremony. There are several different potential platforms to consider. Of course one of the easiest would be Facebook live. After the ceremony is finished, you can post it on your page for people who couldn’t come and missed all the special moments.

Several of the top contenders for best streaming options include Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, and Youtube Live. Find the full list here


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