This Is The Biggest Decision While Planning Your Wedding

What is the biggest decision you can make while planning your wedding? It is choosing the photographer for your big day!

Now I know you are smirking at this. You’re thinking… He is a photographer, so of course he is going to say this. He wants us to think that he is so important so that we will buy what he is selling.

Now yes, I am a photographer, and that makes me a little biased, but there is a story that I would like to tell you to make a point.

In September of 2019 I was contacted by a guy named John and his fiancé Sarah. They are from Hickory, NC (about 2.5 hours from where I live). They had been looking for a photographer for a while and were not quite finding what they were looking for. Between the styles or prices of the local photographers, they were not happy. So they looked out a little farther. They found me over in Johnson City and loved my engagement sessions (e-session) from the mountains.

As we communicated back and forth, they decided that they wanted to book me for their engagement photos as well as their wedding photos. In late October I met them over near Grandfather Mountain, NC for their e-session. It was a blast! It was so much fun getting to know them.

Fast forward to March 2020. I showed up to their hometown of Hickory and shot their wedding. It was so beautiful! I was welcomed in… like one of the family. They had a great venue, a gorgeous wedding dress, and seriously amazing food!

It was so much fun to reconnect with them. It was like old friends hanging out again.

When I got home I edited the pictures and they loved the results!

Ok, so why is this story of working with John and Sarah of any relevance at all?

It all boils down to 3 things:

1. The couple valued quality photography and sought out someone who fit their style and needs.

2. They not only got those quality photos that they loved, but they paid an amount that they thought was fair.

3. They didn't just get a photographer, but they made a friend who could help them enjoy their day and relive their beautiful moments for a lifetime.

Making decisions about your wedding day can seem a bit daunting, but with a good photographer by your side, things can seem a bit easier. When you are looking for a photographer be sure to ask lots of questions (like “10 Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before You Sign A Contract”), find someone who’s style matches what you are looking for, find someone who can provide you with valuable planning and photography advise, and most importantly, find someone who you can call friend when your wedding is all done.

Finding a photographer may feel small or not important now, but just talk to someone who was unhappy with their wedding photos and see what they have to say... I'd be willing to bet that most wished they had put more importance on finding the right photographer to work with.

- Hunter

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