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Saddest Day of My Beard's Life

February 22, 2016

 Here it is. A look back at the saddest day of my life... well my beard's life that is! 


I have been growing out my facial hair, off and on, since my freshman year of college.  I have gone through some different looks, but none of which I have kept for very long.  Even into my adult life now, I have not grown it out to any length until recently.  Those of you who know me and saw my beard have probably commented on what you thought about it.  


"Wow, nice face carpet!"

"Wow, I really don't like it!"

"Boy, what does your wife think about it?"

"Man, I wish I could grow a nice beard like yours!"


I have heard it all.  For me though, my beard really grew on me... litterally.  I loved the hair on my face!  I conditioned it every day, shampooed 3 times a week, combed and brushed 2-3 times a day, used beard oil twice a day, took time to trim it up on the sides as to not stick out to far, was sure to take my vitamins, and worked out regularly (all these things create a healthy beard).  It was my baby.  


Yes, my wife thought I was rediculus, and as you can see in the photos below, she requested to make the first cuts when I decided to shave.  Beardsmen code says that if you are considering to shave, you should take a good long time to think about it.  You should never make a rash decision: the longer you have grown it out, the longer you should think about it before cutting it off.  I considered it and thought on it for a week. On Feburary 2nd (4.5 months of growing), I chopped it off!


I did feel kind of liberated a bit after doing it.  People gave me lots of thumbs ups and asked if I felt cooler.  


Now that it has been nearly 3 weeks since I shaved, I am feeling a little PTSD.  I am really regretting that I did it!  I invested so much time into makeing my beard nice, I don't know what to do without it!  Every time I enter my bathroom, I still reach for the beard oil and realize that I have no reason to apply it.  I so miss running the brush over my beard that I use it on my hair just to feel that connection to the brush again.


OK, at this point you are thinking I am just plain goofy, but it is true.  Women you will never understand, and guys with little to no facial hair... you won't either.  Despite the women in my life telling me I should never consider it again, I want so badly to start over.  


What do you think?  Let me know if the comments below.  


Grow it, or not to grow it? This is my question!



 And of course, I could not leave off my Pablo Escabar look.  Had to throw that in there!



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