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Here’s what you can expect from me... 


  • I want to bring you valuable content for your wedding planning.

  • I want to help you with your planning/photography experience.  It should be enjoyable, not daunting. 

  • I want you to feel comfortable enough to reach out to me with questions… and if I don’t know the answer, I will help you find it.

  • And most importantly, I want to be a friend. Weddings are the best, and as Dr. Seuss says, “These things are fun, and fun is good.”


But that’s not all!


Couples know me for my art and expertise in posing wedding couples to look comfortable and natural in their photos.


So the next few days you’ll be sent wedding posing tips to ensure you look your best for your engagement session or wedding. 


Did you know, close to 40% of brides have regrets with their photography and it’s my mission to make that percentage much lower.


Next, I understand wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. Periodically you’ll be receiving emails from me with some of the top wedding planning tips so you don’t have to do as much research on your own.!


These are some real benefits!


Receiving these weekly emails from Hunter Kittrell Photography is going to be an absolute game-changer for you! Not only will you have 

the opportunity to know how to pose for your engagement photos and weddings like a professional (so you feel confident in front of the camera), but you’ll have tons of wedding tips from us to make the planning process 10 times easier, and find more opportunities to win awesome stuff.


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P.S. Do you know the #1 reason why close to 40% of brides have regrets with their wedding photography? I bet it’s not the reason you think! I’ll be giving you the answer tomorrow, so keep a lookout!

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